Getting To Know Canvas - Teachers

Welcome to Getting to Know Canvas!

This is the teachers' course to Canvas
. This course will help you discover the possibilities and best practices of Canvas. In this course you will learn, how to get started with Canvas, how to create a clear course structure in Canvas, how to add educational content to your Canvas course structure and how to use Canvas in a Blended Learning context. 


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What's new in Canvas?
Where To Go For Help?
Frequently Asked Questions
Copyright Law For Lecturers
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Course Structure

This course consists of four modules: 

  1. Getting Started with Canvas 
  2. Canvas Course Structure
  3. Canvas Fundamentals
  4. Blended Learning

Some functions within Canvas are so important that we think it is necessary that you take a look at the pages regarding these functions. We have marked these pages as ‘Essential’. These pages form in our opinion the basis of Canvas and everyone that follows this course should at least visit these pages. Beside we highly recommend to consult the Blended Learning module in order to unlock the full potential of Canvas.


TIP! Practice Course and Example Course

If you want to try out the things you have learned in this course, you can do this in your own practice course on your Dashboard (Practice Course [VUnetID]). Alternatively, you can take a look at the Example Course by clicking here and subsequently clicking the Join this Course button in the upper right corner of your screen. This course features all – and only those (!) – elements that we have considered to be ‘Essential’.


Course summary:

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