Try Out Class VU, UvA and AUC Honours courses 1st sem 2021 - 2022

Try Out Class VU, UvA and AUC Honours courses 1st sem 2021 - 2022

Dear VU, UvA and AUC honours students,

Normally the so called “Honours Try Out Class” is a lively event full of presentations, music and drinks. But unfortunately, due to the circumstances, this year again we are not able to welcome you this way. This is why we welcome you here online to inform you about all interdepartmental honours courses and the registration procedure via this CANVAS course. We hope you will find inspiration in the broad range of subjects we offer, and sign up by June 4 (midnight) for the courses of your preference. We wish you good luck with the completion of your first or second bachelor year!

Kind regards,
The VU and UvA Honours team


VU Honours Programme:
Eva Meijerink, Joke Verwers: email 

UvA Honours Programme:
Iwan Oostrom, Faye van Oort: email

Instead of the website, we will use an overview of all VU and UvA course descriptions and promotional videos to inform you about all interdepartmental VU and UvA honours courses of the 1st semester 2021-2022. 

  • You will find the overview of all VU and UvA courses of the 1st semester 2021-2022 here
  • You can find the Calendar here: handy to schedule your courses
  • There is a thematic overview of all courses here
  • Watch the promotion videos of the courses and be inspired! 

If any questions remain, please look at the FAQ about honours at VU and UvA


For VU students: Link to application form 1st semester courses VU, UvA & AUC

For UvA & AUC students: link to application form 1st semester courses VU, UvA & AUC

All VU, UvA and AUC honours students can register for the interdepartmental courses of UvA and VU between Tuesday June 1 (10 am) and Friday June 4 (midnight) by filling in the application form. 

The link to the form will take you to the UvA system Datanose (Science-Owl for VU students, press Honours Exchange). The registration form requires you to fill in some personal data before you can select the first, second, third and fourth course of your choice.

  • If you are interested to take an honourscourse at the other university and/or at AUC, you will have to list the course(s) as number one and/or two of preference. In that case your third and fourth choice will have to be courses at your own university. 
  • You are asked to indicate whether you wish to take one or two courses (12ec) in the first semester of 2021-2022. If you wish to follow one course you can leave this question open.
  • If all courses of your preference are full, we will contact you to offer an alternative.
  • You will be informed about your placement(s) at UvA and VU within a few weeks. The enrolment or placement will be at random and not on a first come, first served basis. 

All information on the application form is needed to register you for the courses: the information will be handled with respect for your privacy.

AUC is a public liberal arts college  with an enrolment of about 900 students from over 60 countries. All teaching is in English. The college was founded in 2009 as a joint initiative of the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit with a particular focus on the natural sciences. There are limited places available for UvA and VU honours students in some of the courses.

Please note:                                                                                     

  • All courses are taught in ENGLISH 
  • Most courses take place DURING THE DAY
  • You can find more information about all AUC courses on this website
  • You can give TWO preferences for an AUC course
  • In case you have questions about the course registration please send them to 
  • Some of the AUC courses have prerequisites. If that is the case, describe in your motivation letter how you expect to meet them with the VU bachelor courses you completed. In case you cannot meet the prerequisites please do NOT apply
  • Students will be selected for these courses by AUC on the bases of the bachelor courses they completed      
  • All AUC courses run from 6 September to 24 December 2021

You can find a complete list of AUC courses available to VU and UvA honours students hereWhen the course description states "This course is only open to AUC students" you can ignore that.

More information about AUC at: 

You can apply for an AUC course through the application form by adding a grade list and motivation letter:

  • Your recent grade list (may be a screen shot from VU or UvA NET)
  • an short motivationletter (max 200 words)
  • The AUC course title(s) you would like to do. You can choose TWO 1st semester AUC course that are listed on the form.


As an Honours student you also do part of the programme at your own faculty. To learn more about this part please consult the website

promotional video

Extensus is the study association for Honours students of VU, UvA and AUC. With a vast increase of members each year, Extensus is building a valuable network of Honours students of all disciplines. By organizing social, professional and academic events, Extensus  aims to be a valuable extension of your Honours Programme. Becoming a member of Extensus is an excellent way to get the most out of your Honours Programme and the years to come. You can join social meet-ups, the study trip, career dinners, master classes and a lot more! Watch their promotional video here and check out their website .


promotional video
The Honours Student Council (HSC) is part of Extensus and is responsible for evaluation and warranting the quality of the Honours Programme through its annual survey. In addition, the HSC in collaboration with all the honours students, wants to secure the Honours Programme’s reputation of excellence. Furthermore, the HSC creates a communication network between all the different Honours Programmes of VU, UvA and AUC.

The Honours student council is looking for new members:

Join the next Honours Student Council!

Do you want to contribute to the quality of the Honours Programme? Are you interested in what goes on behind the scenes of the Honours Programme? Are you a motivated Honours Student who would like to be more actively involved? Are there things in the Honours Programme that you would like to improve?

Apply for the next Honours Student Council 2021-22 before the 1st of June by sending your application to! Please attach a motivational letter (in English) and your CV.

We are looking for motivated students who are passionate about the Honours Programme and are willing to spend the next year promoting and improving it. As a member, you will be responsible for the representation and guidance of Honours Students, gathering students’ opinions on the HP through the yearly survey and contributing to making the HP better by meeting with teachers, coordinators, and policymakers of both the UvA and the VU. You’ll gain a unique experience Last but not least: you'll have a lot of fun as well!

The following role descriptions can give you an idea of what to expect of the different positions, however, the roles are flexible and helping each other out is what a team stands for: 


  • Proposing the agenda.
  • Aligning the day-to-day activity of the council with the vision.
  • Leading the meetings.
  • Participating in meetings with the VU-UvA Honours Committees, the VU Honours committee, and Extensus.
  • Recruiting Honours faculty representatives.
  • Conducting the annual survey.


  • Taking minutes.
  • Drawing up action points.
  • Keeping track of the emails & scheduled meetings.
  • Managing the google drive.
  • Checking in with the other council members to ensure everyone knows what to do.

PR manager

  • Managing the social media of the HSC.
  • Conducting the annual survey. 
  • Recruiting faculty representatives. 

VU & UVA University Officers

  • Keeping in touch with Honours coordinators and faculty representatives.
  • Improving the dialogue between Honours Students and coordinators.
  • Recruiting faculty representatives.

You can learn more about the Honours Student Council here:

If you're curious or interested but not sure yet, don't hesitate to contact us!

For questions, send us a message on our social media or email us at!

Kind regards,

Trin, Elmar, Anna, Victoria, & Rosanna



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